New Year’s Day Walk

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The New Year’s Day walk could have been a hike, had we taken food and more than one measly little water bottle. Alas, we did not. We went to the Salt Creek/Case Mt. BLM recreational area and walked from the Salt Creek road (rather than Skyline Drive) up, up and up. It was a smoggy […]

Painting Outside

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By “painting outside”, I don’t mean painting plein air. I do mean that it was overcast and hard to see in the painting workshop, so I moved my stuff outside. It wasn’t cold, rainy or windy, so this was an easy solution. And White Chief needed a bit more drying time. First, had to flip […]

Flower Fix

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A little poppy painting has been hanging around longer than any other. Why? BECAUSE POPPIES SHOULDN’T HAVE SQUARE CORNERS!! So, I fixed it. A Mineral King scene of Farewell Gap in morning sunlight has been hanging around for too long. Why?BECAUSE IT DIDN’T HAVE ANY FLOWERS! So, I added some. See? Flowers fix stuff, and […]

Redwoods and Reality

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I had an extra peach painting that was going to become an orange, and then after a reality check, it got turned into redwood trees. This is Three Rivers, gateway to Sequoia National Park, and I need to have paintings of sequoia trees. Sequoia Gigantea = redwood = Big Tree. I went to Redwood High […]

Thank You

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Thank you to all who expressed sympathy about Samson. Our neighbor found his body, and we buried him on the hillside above the house. He died from a freak accident, and you really do not want to know the details. Neither do we, but too bad, now we do. I called the woman who owns […]

Art and Reality

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Art and Reality is referring to the fact that I earn my living with art and have to be realistic about things. The economy has definitely picked up. People are buying larger paintings and more of them. Paintings sold very well for me in December (perhaps I’ll do a blog post showing all the ones that […]


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Bengal. Biter. Liked water. Fierce, ferocious and fearless. Too fearless. Short life. Gone a week now. Hope diminished. Is it better to let a cat be a cat and know he will be in danger and probably have a short life or is it better to have a cat declawed and kept prisoner, safe inside […]

White Chief Finished

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The White Chief oil painting might have been a teensy bit too hard for me, but I got-‘er-dun. Here is how it looked last time I showed you. Now there is more detail on the bank above the pond and more detail on the lower left corner. The pond has some new color too.  New […]

Sawtooth, Continued

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The oil painting of Sawtooth was looking a bit rough when we last saw it. It is only slightly less rough, because I chose to work on Farewell Gap more. It is tricky to fit in painting time around holidays, visitors from out of town, short daylight hours, colder temperatures, and year-end business to wrap […]

Happy Birthday, Trail Guy!

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He’s very busy, as you can see. And don’t you wonder if all retired guys wear shorts year around??