Red Hot Chile Peppers

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These habañero red hot chile peppers are fun to paint. Check out the progress. I chose this view because, without slipping into boring Artspeak, it fills the space well, and I like it. The first pass provides an underpainting and also gives me a chance to decide if the arrangement is pleasing. Instead of printing […]

There You Go Again . . .

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Happy Birthday, Ann!! Yeppers, here I go again on a painting of the Oak Grove Bridge. First, the edges of the Big One. I always paint the edges because I think paintings look best without frames. (This photo is before the edge is painted. Duh.) I also added a teensy bit of age spots to […]

Day Trip to Mineral King

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About 1 week ago, Trail Guy took his buddy Mike to Mineral King for the day. The idea was to take the Trackster into the valley, and then perhaps do a bit of snow-shoeing or skiing. Trail Guy wanted to see the cabin after the big winter to be sure all was well. Lots of […]

Hottest Peppers To Paint

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A friend commissioned me to do a little painting of a jalapeño pepper.  She liked it so much that she brought me 2 habañero peppers, one of the hottest chili peppers available.  Treating them like toxic materials made it a little tricky to photograph them, but I persevered.  Now I have to decide which arrangement […]

Disconnected Observations of Life in Three Rivers

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Thoughts collect in my brain, camera and computer that are disconnected from art but seem worth mentioning. Last week I waited for a mess of RVs to pass before I pulled out onto the highway. As I went around the lake, I picked off 7 identical RVs through the 3 passing lanes. When I got below […]

Redbud Wrap-up

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Another successful Three Rivers Redbud Festival in the can! This is how my booth looked upon arrival on Saturday morning. The large wet bridge painting seemed too fragile to ride in the back of the Botmobile, so I walked it down to the Memorial Building. Perhaps that helped to speed the drying process. Nikki Crain, […]

Weekend In Review

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The reason for going over subjects like this is because I want to give you a complete picture of what an artist’s life consists of. (No, I don’t get to just sit around and draw all day. Phooey.)  This could be called “Celebrating Agriculture With The Arts”, but that title already belongs to the Madera […]

Redbud Festival (not rosebud)

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Redbud is a gorgeous tree or shrub that blooms in March in Three Rivers (and probably many other places.) For many years, Three Rivers has had an arts and crafts fair called the Redbud Festival. It happens in May, this year on Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14.  Where? So glad you asked – Three Rivers […]

Chicken or Egg Question

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We’ve all heard the question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? (ever notice the chicken always comes first in the question?) Last week, I painted some of Ethan’s chickens (the same Ethan of Ethan’s Eggs). Shiny, wet, unsigned, still sitting on the easel. Just before this, I showed you some egg paintings. This […]

Speaking of Painting

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Who was speaking of painting? I was, in yesterday’s post, when I told you about the man who said, “You draw better than you paint.” Indeed, the paintings begin very very roughly, thin paint, general shapes, although I drew the bridge first in pencil, so it isn’t as rough as it sometimes is when I […]