Four Oranges, Please

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A yearly customer emailed me to ask for a painting she saw on my website, but she didn’t just want that painting. She wanted four of that painting. Well, oops. My paintings don’t get reproduced by machines; my paintings get reproduced by a paintbrush in my hand. But wait! There’s more! She wanted them in […]

Why 2017 Was Different in Mineral King

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Lots of water, lots and lots and even more. Lots of wildflowers – taller, wider variety, new flowers, abundance. No bear sightings. None. Favorite neighbors The Sawtooth Six did not come as a group. Weird. (Don’t make this a regular practice, you Six!) I was there for most of July; no workshops, no lessons, no […]

Pencil Drawing Finished?

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The pencil drawing commission might be finished. I often run things by my drawing students, telling them to be as “mean” to me as I am to them. It gives them an opportunity to practice the skills of looking very critically, and articulating clearly if they see any weak areas of a drawing. Here it is […]

Drawing Architecture in Pencil

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Drawing architecture in pencil is my favorite thing. Since this drawing is gone, I get to redraw it. Second chances, opportunities to improve, do-overs–all good things. This is how it looks after about three short sessions with my pencils. Cabin closing, oil painting, teaching drawing lessons, taking inventory and planning for shows, editing, book design, blogging, […]

As Long As You Are Painting, You Might As Well. . .

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I was working on the Sawtooth oil painting. This is the first time I had painted in a few weeks, so I started over with fresh paint on my palette. White, 2 yellows, 2 reds, 2 blues, and a mixture of the darkest blue with the darkest red. All that the Sawtooth oil painting required […]

Oil Painting Accountability

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Oil painting isn’t my favorite thing; pencil drawing architectural subjects is my favorite thing. Given the choice between oil painting and waiting tables or cleaning motel rooms, OF COURSE I’d choose oil painting. However, some days it helps to have a bit of accountability to do the thing that isn’t my favorite. My nephew didn’t […]

Final Mineral King Weekend

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This will be a long post with lots of photos, and then I might run out of things to post about Mineral King for awhile.It didn’t have to be the final Mineral King weekend, because the Park gates stay unlocked until October 25. But, life down the hill beckons, fall is very full of events […]

The Real Columbus Day

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Today, October 12, is the real Columbus Day. In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Ferdinand and Isabella paid for the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. It’s a fine holiday, but it has fallen out of favor. Fake Columbus Day has also fallen into obscurity. It changes every year, just chasing the 3 day […]


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I get another chance at a do-over! A customer asked to buy three of the original pencil drawings from The Cabins of Wilsonia. One of them is gone, so I offered to redraw it for him. He agreed. The one he wants redrawn isn’t one I felt very proud of. Maybe I got sloppy in the midst of […]


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First I ate my vegetables of fuzzy faces. I saved dessert for last. What is she talking about? I can hear you thinking. My customer brought me three commissions to draw in pencil. The first 2 were the fuzzy photos of faces with no discernible features. The 3rd was a beautiful building, designed by Julia Morgan, […]