Mineral King Trail Art

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Being on a roll with pencil drawings of Mineral King makes me think very carefully about what I should draw next.  This is a view I recently painted, and it sold right away.  Allllrighty, then. Looks and sounds like a logical next pencil drawing. However, all the other drawings are vertical, so this scene will need […]

A Better Sawtooth

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Sawtooth is that very visible and distinctive peak in Mineral King that shows up in Visalia on a clear day. Here is a pencil drawing of Sawtooth from 2003. It isn’t bad. Here is a pencil drawing of Sawtooth from last week. It is a different view, and I think it is better.   Here: […]

I Draw Better Now

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Over a year ago, I was at a dinner and ran into someone who had bought a colored pencil drawing of oranges from me in the early 2000s. He mentioned that it was still hanging in his office. I said, “I draw better now; can I have it back to fix it?” Yes, I actually […]

Drawing Mineral King

It is Friday, and the only new thing I have to show you of Mineral King is a drawing. My weekends have been taken with memorial services (one last Saturday and another one tomorrow), drawing workshops, art receptions, business presentations.  I’m not complaining, just ‘splaining. The drawing is new. The scene is old, or perhaps “classic” […]

How to Get My Blog

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Sometimes when I tell a friend that he can see something on my blog, I hear one of the following replies: I don’t get your blog. I’m not on Facebook. What’s a blog? I don’t do blogs. Here are my answers to those replies: Nothing to “get” – you can visit The Google* and type […]

Gekkos in Three Rivers, Finished?

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Is my mural, “Gekkos in Three Rivers” finished? A job isn’t finished until I hear from the customer that she is happy. As of the writing of this blog post, I haven’t heard. The gekko on the left was the next one to be painted. These are the colors I chose. You can see the […]

Gekkos in Three Rivers

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My decision is made: gekko is correct. Here is how the first set of transferred and redrawn gekkos looked on Day Two in the shade. Still hard to see, but not invisible.  After applying more blue chalk to the back side of the tissue pattern, I transferred 2 more sets of gekkos to the board, […]

Gecko/Gekko Mural, Day One

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Customer approved the colors and arrangement of the geckos with interlocking tails, so I packed up my supplies and drove to the river gazebo. The board is a good height for painting, the river is roaring, and there is great shade in the morning. I’m going to enjoy this job! Where is this place? So […]

Trail Guy’s First Hike in Mineral King, 2017

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Trail Guy went to Timber Gap, his first hike of the season in Mineral King in 2017. (He is retired, I am not. It is okay – I love what I do!) These photos are his.

Gecko or Gekko?

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I don’t know the correct way to spell gekko/gecko. Both seem to work. Who cares? (WHAT?? The Typo Psycho actually doesn’t care how something is spelled??) When I spelled it with 2 k’s, I found better images on Google. A customer has asked me to design a mural of gekkos/geckos, because they are a symbol of welcome. […]