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chinese-lotus.jpgThis is the last time (maybe) I will show you this Lotus Blossom. The auction on eBay produced $81 for Travel China Roads, and my very good friends Wayne and Stacy will be the new owners of this oil painting! (They live in Pennsylvania and were part of our trip to the White House last year, as you will learn in a future post.) In the explanation of the painting, I said that this flower symbolized my time in China. When I was there in 1981 China wasn’t very modern and the people were very unused to “round-eyes”. When I returned in 2007, China was VERY modern, and Westerners were no longer a curiosity. The lotus blossom was one thing that had not changed. Of course, when I returned to the USA I began noticing them in people’s ponds, but this one is definitely from China.