My favorite color is. . .?

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Check out these paintings and see if you can guess my favorite color!

Oranges XXI 6×6″ – $36


Poppy VI – 6×6″ $36

Oranges IXXX – 8×10″ $80

Oranges XXX – 11×14″ $154

More on the Seatrain

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This giant project began with a to-scale sketch made up from about a dozen photos. I started painting at the top and worked my way down. When I realized what this size really entails, I felt like lying down for awhile, maybe even with my thumb in my mouth.

Instead, I called my dear friend Shirley, who had offered to help. Lovely lady, that Shirley! And she can do almost anything and do it well. So, we mixed colors and got that giant container covered, and hope returned.

Here is how it looked after Shirley helped me. She did a particularly fine job on the band of poppies running through the mid-section.

To be continued. . .


What is a “Seatrain”?

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It is a metal shipping container, commonly seen on the flat cars pulled by freight trains. Cargo arrives by sea in these things, and then gets hauled around the country on trains – thus, “seatrain”. When they are empty, people often use them for storage. They are relatively cheap (so I am told) and they are very unsightly but functional. My church acquired one, and I saw it as an opportunity. (People who do graffiti also see them as opportunities, but I have a bit more class than that.)

Holy guacamole, this is a large piece of real estate to cover with a brush!This is a lumpy piece of real estate to cover with a brush. There is a BBQ in the way, and worse, there is a little shed about 2 feet from the back 1/3 of the thing!

Before I could talk myself out of this, I started applying paint. I had to tell myself to breathe, and I could hear my Dad’s voice in my head saying, “Whatever you do, don’t panic.” He always said it in a quiet monotone that was meant to be calming; however, if he was saying it, I knew there probably was a good reason to panic!

This is how it looks unpainted:


To be continued. . .

Redbud Festival

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Some people call it “Rosebud” but it is “Redbud”, after the native tree that blooms here in March. Why isn’t the festival in March? Unpredictable weather! This is sort of funny because it has been on Mother’s Day weekend for at least 10 years now and I have experienced 100 degree weekends and hurricane type weekends. However, we hope for nice weather, of course, and hope to see you there.

I will bring all my new paintings, pencil reproductions (there are 2 new ones this year – Three Rivers Landmarks II and Crescent Meadow II), and new Three Rivers Landmarks cards. Please don’t be disappointed that I am not bringing my murals!

Here are the specifics:
Saturday, May 10, 10-5
Sunday May 11, 10-4
Lion’s Roping Arena, Three Rivers.
More info:

Framing Matters

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Check out the finished final finale* of my first mural – now it is framed! Sort of weird what a difference the frame makes, even considering the “high quality” of this particular framing job.

*courtesy Department of Redundancy Dept.

all at once

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These are drying on a wall behind my easels.


The unsold poppy

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Here is the small poppy painting that I wanted to show you a few days ago.

oranges in progress

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Several people have asked if I work on more than one painting at a time. Now I am assuming they don’t mean that I hold a paintbrush in each hand and one in my mouth and keep all moving simultaneously. . . assumptions can be dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as trying that ridiculous stunt!

In a word, yes (but not in the manner previously described). If I could figure out how to post photos with these blogs, I would show you all the paintings in progress right now. I will try it, and maybe we will all be pleasantly surprised! if not, photos will come later, after I learn how to post them.

oops on the poppy paintings!

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I forgot a couple of things! First, these are oil paintings. Second, the sizes and prices might be of interest: the little ones are 6×6″ and are $36. The larger one is 8×10″ and is $80. Brilliant pricing system, doncha think?? Less time on math, more time on painting!

The second thing is that the little one on the left has sold. There is one that hasn’t sold on the blog entry called “The Unsold Poppy”.(another brilliant title!) It is 6×6″ and I bet you can figure out the price!

There is not a way for a Paypal button on this blog thing yet, so if you are interested in buying, you can call or email me.