Tulare County Beauty

As a Central California artist in Tulare County, it is my mission, goal and duty to portray the beauty of this place I live.

Yesterday I showed you oil paintings as examples of the various subjects I paint that fall into a category I call “Because People Like It”.

However, I didn’t show you my latest paintings in several of those categories.

Let’s try this again:

  1. Sequoia (this painting is still in progress – I wasn’t kidding when I said “latest”.)IMG_0953
  2. Mineral King: (top painting – 6×6″, bottom painting 8×8″)1512 Honeymoon XX1513 Honeymoon XX
  3. Citrus 1444 Blmng Orngs III
  4. Poppies IMG_1110
  5. Three Rivers NFKaweah IX 1412

Most of these paintings are available through this page of my website. Excuse me for sounding sellsy. (It is a part of the way I earn my living.)