Trail Guy’s Favorite Mineral King Hike

Sometimes I have to be down the hill, feeding Samson, watering the yard, blogging, drawing, taking care of business, fulfilling promises. Meanwhile, Trail Guy the Retiree is in Mineral King, hiking and taking photos for me to put on my blog.

His favorite place to go is White Chief. Mine too, unless it is the junction of the Franklin/Farewell Gap trails, or Farewell Gap itself. The lakes might could be, but we don’t go there much so I can’t remember. (I might could go there, but I’ll prolly be down the hill at the liberry instead.)

And sometimes Trail Guy comes home, especially if the Giants are on teevee.

Not the Giants; Samson wants to know why the Giants’ games are blocked out in our zip code.


  1. Jennifer Dougan
    August 11, 2017

    Hi Jana,

    Smiling at you….

    Does Trail Guy use a timed camera shot?

    I relaxed looking at the photos. My favorites were numbers 4, 5, 6. Pretty flowers too.

    How are you? What are you reading and thinking about?

    Jennifer Dougan

    • cabinart
      August 14, 2017

      Hi Jennifer, so good to feel your smile to me!

      Trail Guy uses a little PHD (press-here-dummy) Canon Elph. I bought a new one for him, and he declined it and took my old camera instead!

      The flowers have been stupendous this year – it is fun to share them.

      “Reading and thinking about” sounds like an invitation to email you. 😎 I’ll get on in in the next day or so.