Three Rivers House Commission, Finished?

Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in commissions, Oil Paintings, Three Rivers | No Comments

Is the oil painting commission of a Three Rivers house finished yet?

These are some close photos of detail that I added to the painting.


Step back a bit for the whole view, including the beginning of sycamore leaves. “The beginning” meaning the start of the leafing out of the tree. When all these other things are in bloom, the sycamore is barely showing. That’s why we can peek through its branches and see poppies on the hillsides.

IMG_2803Now I have turned it on its side so I can paint both the bottom and the top of the canvas.


Am I finished with this painting? Is the painting finished with me?

Time will tell. . . that’s how my dad used to say it. I like “more will be revealed in the fullness of time”.

And if I am finished, then it needs a signature, a really good official photo, and a coat of spray varnish.