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Some people are early adopters of new technology; I am not one of them. I tried Facebook and it was all I feared it would be – 1/4″ deep, 6 miles wide, and a giant thief of time, energy and brains. My sister and her daughter suggested Instagram. There were techie obstacles, such as not owning a smartphone. (Nope, a borrowed Jitterbug doesn’t take photos).

I signed up for a private account to practice and connect with my family. The privacy settings weren’t private, so now my private family account has 2 extra folks. The “extras” are real life friends, not strangers, so I didn’t panic; I learned. 

Against the advice of my most techie friend, I set up an Instagram account for my business. It was against her advice because she believes Facebook is the most useful for people and businesses, and doesn’t think Instagram will work.

My niece thinks hashtags are key. I know nothing. Hashtags are weird, the word itself is weird (“hashtag”? It’s a number sign or a pound sign, for Pete’s sake!), and people who put that word in front of other words when they speak sound weird.

I am willing to learn and to try. It seems like the right place for someone who deals in pictures. People don’t get mean on Instagram, attack others for opposing political views, or show what they had for dinner, at least not as much as on Facebook; perhaps I am delusional and ignorant. (definitely ignorant)

My business Instagram handle (“Handle”? What do you think this is – a CB radio from the ’70s??) is JanaBotkinArt. The account is public. You are welcome to follow. You are welcome to express your opinion and to offer advice.

I’m just learning here. . .

Ten-four, Good Buddy. Over and out.

Pencil drawing, “Mineral King From The Bridge”, 9×12″, one of the posts on my new Instagram account, complete with hashtags.


  1. Sharon Devol
    August 11, 2017

    Not on #Instagram, although I sure know a lot of people who are. I can barely keep up with #Facebook and #Twitter both of which are #TimeSuckers.

    #Hashtags? They’re kind of #fun #IMO.


    • cabinart
      August 14, 2017

      #Sharon, #Idon’tgetityet.

  2. Dawn
    August 9, 2017

    Jana, I just love you and your ‘say it like it is’ humor. I so agree!! On top of that, I can’t imagine ANYONE would be interested in every move I make. I AM on the internet a lot, but exploring new things; painting, drawing, scrapbooking, jewelry making, news, etc. Boy am I old!!!!

    • cabinart
      August 9, 2017

      Dawn, I think of you as diverse and experienced, rather than old. The internet is a fabulous resource, once for which I am VERY thankful and appreciative. Thank you for checking in!