Hiking Mineral King – Farewell/Franklin Junction

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Where the Farewell Gap trail splits off toward Franklin Lakes and Franklin Pass, one can always count on fabulous flowers. Why my photos don’t adequately reflect this is a bit of mystery, but I hope you enjoy today’s sweatless hike all the same. (I’m happy to do the work for you.)

Corn Lily

The water is still flowing strongly, but the creeks are mostly crossable now.

Boring unnamed yellow flower not quite in bloom


Where are you going, Trail Guy?

He made it back out of the snow tunnel.

Indian Paintbrush and Yarrow – pinkish Yarrow!

Looking back over Timber Gap from the junction of Farewell and Franklin trails


Aster – these are lavender with a yellow center

Bushy Leptisiphon (excuse me??)

Forget-Me-Not or Sierra Stick-seed?

Glacial Daisy – these are white and larger than the asters.

At the Junction. . . I must have had a reason for this photo, but it eludes me now. It had to do with lots of white flowers – “knotweed”? – that barely show here. Guess you had to be there.


  1. Sharon Devol
    August 1, 2017

    Thank you for the lovely photos–they whet my appetite for where, Lord willing, I shall be in a mere 12 hours or so!

    • cabinart
      August 1, 2017

      Sharon, soon, very very soon! Drive carefully – Freeway 5 is SCARY.

      • Sharon Devol
        August 1, 2017

        Oh, freeways don’t scare me. It’s a few of those narrow road locations that do (there’s that one spot about a half mile down from the cattle guard that sets my heart aflutter every time)! It’s not the driving it, it’s meeting those careless yahoos in SUVs who don’t drive that road with respect!