Cabin Life

Posted by on Aug 29, 2017 in Mineral King | 2 Comments

In case you were thinking that life at the cabin consisted only of hiking, here is a peek into what else occupies time while in Mineral King. I also read a great deal, but didn’t photograph my books. I figure you know what books look like. Most recently I finished Round Ireland with a Fridge and Stranger in the Woods.

Baking in a wood stove is a project. Making English muffins can be done on a griddle . . . who knew??

Sometimes we just walk among neighboring cabins. . . snooping, checking out new maintenance, looking for flowers in bloom. . .

I’ve always loved the light on the chimney of this little cabin. It is the oldest one in Mineral King.

This pair of cabins belongs to some people in Hawaii. They don’t come often; instead they let other people use their place. Sometimes those other people have loud parties, but this year has been much better, i.e. quiet.

Explorer’s Gentian – my favorite wildflower

And more Explorer’s Gentian – why does it bloom on this side of the creek and not by our place??

I love to split firewood. Trail Guy gets it into girl-sized chunks, and I whale at it with my girl-axe. It isn’t often in our current times that there are opportunities to just pound on things. It is very satisfying – I’d recommend it.

This yarn is the color of Explorer’s Gentian. Cabin time means knitting time.


  1. Donna
    August 29, 2017

    Great post. I did some wood chopping as a teen and loved it. Now I use girl-sized power tools.

    • cabinart
      August 30, 2017

      Donna, I’m picturing you with pink power tools!