Time/cost: 1 hour per week on Tuesday afternoons,  $55 per month + supplies (approximately $12 and most available from me at the gallery)

Classes: 4-6 students per class

minimum age: 6th grade

Location: the Courthouse Gallery in Exeter, 125 South B Street

Information: Drawing is a skill that can be both taught and learned. No talent is required – only the desire to learn to draw and the ability to follow instructions. Since 1994 I have taught both children and adults to draw realistic detailed pictures using pencils and working from photos.  There are no lessons in the months of July, August, and December.   Lessons are paid for by the month on the first meeting of the month. It is helpful for me to be told of missed classes in advance, and make-up lessons can be scheduled.   Beginners spend 3-8 weeks on preliminary exercises. When they are ready, they move to working from photos. Each person works at his own speed on the subject of his choice. Classes are set up so that students can learn from one another in addition to receiving personal help from me.   Students can begin at any time as there are no formal schedules or semesters. When beginning in the middle of the month, the $55 will be pro-rated. All other months are paid for in full in advance.

You can read about drawing lessons on my blog here, here, here and here.

  • Char’s first colored pencil piece
  • Mae’s second colored pencil piece
  • Susie’s portrait in graphite
  • Jean’s first colored pencil piece
  • Shereen's BootsShereen’s boots in graphite