I thought about making this a FAQ page – you know, Frequently Asked Questions. But, I decided it really is Just The Facts, Ma’am! (or Sir – we do not discriminate here, although we do occasionally speak with the royal “we”.)

Pencil art 

  • Color is colored pencil
  • Black & white is graphite (aka “pencil”)


  • Oil, not acrylic
  • Originals, not reproductions
  • Ready to hang without framing
  • May be framed if so desired
  • No reproductions planned (you can commission me to repaint a scene for you)
  • Painted from artist’s photos, not plein air (That is how I can get all the detail)

Reproductions (all unframed)

  • Standard sizes for easy framing
  • All are limited – when they are gone, that’s all folks (or you can commission me to redraw a scene for you)


  • Each package has all the same design inside.
  • Cards are blank inside.
  • Envelopes are provided.
  • There are no more of the old assorted packages.
  • The designs change – some expire, some get resurrected, new ones appear.


  • Pencil commissions happily accepted.
  • Oil – commissions accepted in some subject matter.
  • Murals – Indoor and outdoor – let’s talk!