at the easel

Some websites call this the “About” page.
My website is about:


Tulare County, California

Finding, showing off, and focusing attention on the good parts of living here. Mineral King, Sequoia, Three Rivers, citrus, old buildings, general scenery of the area – it is all here for you to enjoy. The latest addition are coloring books called Heart of the (the Hills, Mineral King, Exeter, The Parks, and another is on the way).

Pencil drawing

It is the best way I know to freeze every detail, emphasize the shapes, textures, light and shadow of almost any subject. My favorite, of course, is cabins. Yes, I can draw your cabin or home for you.

Drawing lessons 

I believe almost anyone can learn how to draw; it is the basis for all good art. Yes, you can learn to draw too.

Oil painting

It is the classic medium for changing a 3- dimensional world of color into a 2-dimensional visual reminder of a place, thing or event.


They changed Exeter, California, and they changed my life. When we began the project in Exeter, I had no intention of learning to paint, let alone paint huge pictures in public. Look what happened.


It is the perfect way to share my art and my life, seriousness and silliness, show and tell. I LOVE to blog and I love to hear from you in the comments.

Privately I am about:

Being married 30 years, Samson (a kitten who bites), knitting, long walks with friends, reading great non-fiction and occasionally fiction, Bible studies with a few very dear friends, letter writing, pulling weeds, dark chocolate, and hanging out in Mineral King with my husband.

Cabinart is the name of my studio and has been my full-time profession since 1993. It is located at my Three Rivers home and is open by appointment. Call or email if you are planning a visit to Sequoia and would like to see an artist at work, fight off a biting kitten, and soak up a little of Tulare County’s best places.