Mineral King Bridge Painting, Done!

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(Happy Birthday, Deb! Or was it yesterday??)

When I was a child, my sisters and I had to say “May I be excused?” before leaving the dinner table. This was to signal many things:  we were finished eating; to give our parents an opportunity to review our plates; to teach us how to be civilized;  to consider other people;  to become accustomed to decent manners.

So, now I say to my customer, “Please may I be excused?” This is because I believe the oil painting is finished, because I am civilized, and because I am never finished until the customer is happy!


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This weird little painting was an assignment in my short-lived oil painting class. Anyone have an idea for a title?

If you are like me, when you visit a blog you like to see how many comments a post has and sometimes you even read them. My blog doesn’t have very many comments to read. Many of them come privately to me via email, so you all don’t get to see them. (I’m not just saying this so that you will know I have readers.) I’m saying this because someone suggested to me via email that I post a list of books I am currently reading. My first thought was “Why?” My second thought was . . . never mind, such a cliche that you can probably guess it!

  1. Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey. (Thank you, Chris LoCurto!) I love business type books and am always looking for hints and ideas of how to tighten up my own little operation. Dave writes the way he speaks, so this book was easy to read and full of material to mull over. Like most really good books, it should be read over and over.
  2. All Wound Up by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot) Stephanie is one of the few authors whose books I just buy. No question – click, spend, own. All of them. She is a knitting humor writer. This book might be her best so far and includes more than just knitting essays. She is smart and funny and I love her!!
  3. The Sierra Nevada Before History by  (my very dear friend) Louise Jackson. This has been on my stack for a year, and it is time. TIME. Past TIME!! Just finished the intro this a.m. and I can hear Louise’s voice as I read. (In case this is easier for you, here it is on Amazon and it is also available at The Book Garden in Exeter.) I am looking forward to this one, especially if the intro is any indication of how interesting it will be! Here is one more link about this one: my drawings are in it! Two, actually.

What are you reading? I’d love to hear your favorites so I can add them to my list!

A List and request for your opinions

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Hope you all enjoyed the week of fall photos! I loved taking and posting them for you. Okay, I did it for me too. 😎

With shows on three consecutive weekends thus far, I feel a little tired. Lists are an easy way to blog choppy unrelated ideas without sounding choppy and unrelated.

  1. This is the last week of drawing lessons for the year. I have a waiting list to get into lessons now so will have to ask the folks who aren’t attending regularly what their intentions are. Sometimes that feels very awkward – “Sorry to hear of your troubles – will you be continuing in lessons?” Or how about this version: “Haven’t seen you for a few weeks. Since you haven’t come, called, or paid, did you quit and forget to tell me?”
  2. The Perfect Gift Boutique was fun for several reasons. I like that little old building, it is a chance to hang out with some artist friends, and it is a chance to see folks who regularly visit Three Rivers over the Thanksgiving weekend.
  3. The Perfect Gift Boutique wasn’t fun for several reasons. It was hard to be indoors for 2 very nice days. It didn’t seem as if we had nearly as many visitors. Sometimes it feels as if shows aren’t really worth the amount of work. (I must be a little tired to be admitting that!)
  4. My husband thinks maybe I cram too many paintings into my booth and it overwhelms customers. He may be right. May I have your opinions in this matter?
  5. The handful of blogs I regularly read often use bold in the middle of their posts. I wonder why. Do you find it distracting?

Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad we had this little talk.

Bonus Fall Photos!

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But wait! There’s more! First, remember the Perfect Gift Boutique today at the Three Rivers Arts Center from 10-4. This little building is the first building on the left, just over the bridge on North Fork Drive.

Autumn in Three Rivers, 6

The Perfect Gift Boutique

Three Rivers Arts Center, North Fork Drive, Three Rivers

10-4 p.m., today (Friday, November 25) and tomorrow (Saturday, November 26)

Autumn in Three Rivers, 3

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Hi, Kaweah Kitty.

Autumn in Three Rivers, 2

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This post is the beginning of a week of Fall photos. Last Wednesday’s photos were taken before the color peaked. Some of today’s photos will be an updated version of last week’s. (Hi, Leaf-Peeper from Kentucky!)

P.S. The  Senior League Holiday Bazaar was well attended and very enjoyable. Here are 3 photos of it.( Thanks for asking.)

Notice the 4×6 paintings on easels on the little footstool. FINALLY finished them. Also, there are fewer 6×6 paintings than the previous week’s show.

The Memorial Building is ugly, weird and cold, but oh my, the landscaping and views!

This photo was taken OUT THE WINDOW from my booth!