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Oct 16 2010

Kaweah Post Office

This charming landmark up the North Fork of the Kaweah is probably the most photographed, drawn and painted building in the Three Rivers area! The Post Office began service in 1890, but the building itself is 100 years old this year. On October 23, there will be a 10K run and 5K walk at the [...]

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Oct 16 2010

The Painting Factory

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That would be the workshop where I paint. October may be the busiest month, or perhaps it is November. There are a handful of shows/sales coming up, along with something else big and new. This means it is imperative that I produce as much a possible. Every year I am puzzled as to how I [...]

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Oct 14 2010

Early Autumn in Mineral King

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YEA! My blog is working again! ┬áMeanwhile, up the hill, this is how things looked October 8 or thereabouts. There isn’t much color because the early leaves that were yellow blew off in the previous week’s storm, which left a light dusting of snow on West Florence Peak. ┬áRegardless, (and that IS the word, not [...]

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Oct 05 2010

Sawtooth. . .

. . . is finished!

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Oct 04 2010

More Miles of Canvas

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Early Timber Gap, painted on board (Hey painting owner, want a touch-up??) Timber Gap as painted this summer – yes, I know all the little canvas lines show in the photo. With these 2 Farewell Gap paintings, I can’t decide which was painted earlier. Guess I finally caught up with myself for awhile in terms [...]

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Oct 03 2010

Miles of Canvas

According to my records, I have painted about 460 canvases and boards since beginning oil on March 8, 2006. (“About 460″ is because sometimes I mis-number pieces or do something that doesn’t get into the inventory because that bookkeeping kind of thing doesn’t really float my boat.) If you follow my blog, you have probably [...]

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Oct 02 2010


Published by under Murals,Oil Paintings

Betsy, for keeping me in tomatoes while I worked on the mural. She is a one-woman-campaign aganst artists starving around here! Jack Elam, who primed the wall for me and never sent me a bill. I don’t even know him, but when I see him, I will give him this picture that I painted for [...]

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Oct 01 2010

Mural Celebration!

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It was hot, reallly really hot. If it hadn’t been my mural, I doubt I would have braved the heat, but these folks were hardier than that! Mickey gave a thorough history on the Mt. Whitney Power Co. and the dams in Mineral King. I hadn’t settled in yet and was hanging out in the [...]

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