Getting there

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Remember this? On overcast days, I draw in the studio rather than paint in the workshop. Have I mentioned how much I love to draw? 😎 Now that my seasonal shows are behind me, I can finish this so the customer will have it in hand before Christmas.


A Full and Fine Thanksgiving

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We have a tradition of taking a turkey to a friend’s place in Lemon Cove where it is cooked in a deep pit over orange wood. This is Michael retrieving the bird on Thanksgiving morning.



This year my Mom wants to send a card with a photo of her family on the front. We are getting used to the fact that she no longer lives in the house where we grew up in an orange grove! (If you are on her card list, pretend like you didn’t see this.)


The Thanksgiving weekend isn’t all about family for me – it is definitely a busy working time. Here is how my studio looks in the fall with the Flowering Pear tree. (Hey Stacy, it has a serious lean but is actually growing!)


This is how my space looked at The Perfect Gift Boutique. The turnout was wonderful – non-stop traffic for 2 days! It was a great steady flow, just the right pace to visit with almost all who came into my area. Love that! (thanks for coming up, Larry and Dora! Great to see you again, Didi!)


Next? Finish those commissions and keep the stores stocked that sell my work. ‘Twill be a pleasure to just be at my easel with those precious little kitties running around underfoot.

The Perfect Gift Boutique

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the Perfect Gift Boutique teaser #3

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How many of you are out of wall space? There are several solutions. One is rotating your artwork. Here is another: display paintings on easels! These are some miniature paintings that will be selling at The Perfect Gift Boutique, Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving at the Three Rivers Arts Center from 10-4. This charming building is across the North Fork Bridge and across the river from The Art Co-op. (If you get confused, someone at either place can help you get cleared up!) These original oil paintings are 3×5″ and sell for $40 each (wooden easel included)



the Perfect Gift Boutique teaser #2

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How’s this for a unique Christmas decoration? An original oil painting of a poinsettia on its own wooden easel! You can find this at The Perfect Gift Boutique, the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving at the Three Rivers Arts Center from 10-4. There’s only one – hope you get there first! img_1766.JPG

The Perfect Gift Boutique teaser #1

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Ornaments available!

These are highly individualized oil paintings on 2″ wooden discs. Each one is distinctly different, and says “Sequoia National Park”. I’ve signed the back, and each one is $12.95.  You can find these (the ones that haven’t already sold!) at The Perfect Gift Boutique, Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving, from 10-4 at the Three Rivers Arts Center (across the North Fork Bridge and across the river from The Art Co-op – a body could get confused!)


Learning from my students

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In drawing lessons, I often exhort my students to be honest. There are so many people who love us and praise us indiscriminately on our artistic endeavors. That feels great and keeps us motivated, but it doesn’t help us to get better. Those who draw or paint have the knowledge and ability to point out specific things to help us improve our art. One of my students was in my studio looking at my paintings. She noted that she could immediately see the difference between my earlier and current paintings. I asked her for some specifics: she pointed out a painting of a little shed and showed me where it was lacking in detail. This caused me to pop it out of the frame and add another layer. Glad I did, because it sold on Saturday! Here it is before the final layer and I regret not photographing it again after I retouched it.


Senior League Bazaar

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This is an annual craft and art sale at the Three Rivers Memorial Building, happening tomorrow, Saturday, November 21, 2009 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Free admission. Exhibitors will be both inside and outside. The Chinese Pistache trees have nice color at the Memorial Building this time of year – come and see! These leaf paintings are of a ginko, black oak, and persimmon, just to get you in the mood.







Judge not?

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I was asked to judge an art show at an elementary school. There was a rubric (Hey Richard, I can use this word you taught me!) to follow, but it was HARD. Objectivity is impossible, simply impossible. We are all made up of different opinions, tastes, and experiences. De gustibus non est disputandum – my Very Wise Dad used to love to say this. It means “there’s no accounting for taste” or “it is useless to argue over matters of taste”.  I have been on the receiving end of these judged shows, and don’t usually fare too well, so it was weird to be the judge for a change. The best part was being in the area of the county where I grew up ; such a very clear day.


Castle Rocks are very clearly delineated in this view – on the right side.


So weird to see Alta Peak down here – same mt. I see at home!


Cool old school bell!

Beautiful Fall Day

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Took a walk after 2 weeks of feeling puny and congested. Whoa, just 4 miles, and my blisterical feet were whining. This is seriously disappointing, but I concentrated on what a beautiful afternoon it was and rejoiced in the presence of my nifty little camera!