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Feb 17 2009

Rained Out

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Today I did not paint in Exeter because it was raining. I also did not paint in my studio because it was too dark to see! However, my friend and ‘puter guru Barbara took these wonderful photos on Sunday.This was Ashley’s other paint-by-number accomplishment. See the little guy with the banjo? It got a little [...]

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Feb 15 2009

Mural, Day Five

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This was quite a productive day as you can see by all the photos. (And I could see Sawtooth from It while I was painting Sawtooth!) First, after retrieving my wagon, mixing my paints and moving It, I have to climb It.  My niece documented the ascent so that Neighbor Bob can see how it [...]

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Feb 13 2009

Mural, Day Four

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Today I learned that the reason you shouldn’t paint in the rain is because every drop of rain that hits your paint will show! Good thing I plan on repainting the sky.  Michael insisted that I look into getting a lift to work on the sky, and perhaps the entire mural.  I told him I [...]

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Feb 12 2009

Mural, Day Three

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It was rainy this a.m. but I decided it was just bluffing so I went down the hill to paint. The sky has been waking me up in the middle of the night, so I just HAD to start on it today!This stretch is the first length of the scaffolding. I must have climbed up [...]

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Feb 10 2009

Mural, Day Two

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Notice the railings on the top level! I can now begin on the sky without wondering if I will go splat! on the ground or get hung up between the scaffolding and the wall.  THANK YOU to Rising Sun Construction!! Michael leveled boards along the wall in the planting bed (actually it seems to be more [...]

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Feb 09 2009

The List

Published by under Mineral King,Oil Paintings

To make a oil painting here is what I have to do:  paint it to establish the shapes and colors and get the canvas covered  repaint it more carefully paint it again put in the tiny details name, number and record it on 2 lists sign it after it dries photograph it add a wire [...]

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Feb 07 2009

While it is raining

Published by under Mineral King,Oil Paintings

The rain means that I paint at home instead of on The Wall. It is a little hard to mix colors accurately, but I will bravely soldier on.  Here are three finished pieces. Poppies VIII – oil – 6×6″ – $36  Sawtooth II – oil – 11×14″ – $154 Yes, you have already seen this Sawtooth [...]

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Feb 06 2009

Inquiring minds. . .

Published by under Murals

. . . like to know! Cousin Maggie asked me some great questions about mural painting and indicated that others probably are wondering the same things. So, here we go on a mural tutorial! PAINT:  Acrylic paint by a company called Nova Color is the paint preferred, no, REQUIRED by the Exeter Mural Team. It [...]

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Feb 05 2009

Giant Project, Day One

Published by under Mineral King,Murals

The scaffolding is really really high and can’t get moved closer to the wall yet,  and we have to figure out how to fill the blank 9 feet on the left end. See what I mean?  So when you can’t do a thing the way you had planned, you make a new plan! (Well, I do, [...]

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Feb 03 2009

Flexible schedule

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Guess what??  We projected the mural tonight and it is ready to paint!!! Had to, because it is going to rain on Thursday and Friday.  Look! There were some tall young men who were very very helpful – Jarson, Joshua (I think that was Mr. Blue Shirt’s name!) and Jared, who is one of my drawing [...]

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